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The Kenya South Sudan Liaison Office (Kessulo)


KESSULO is a department within the Cabinet Office, Executive Office of the President.  KESSULO was established in May 2005 through a Cabinet Decision and charged with the responsibility of facilitating and coordinating all activities enshrined in the two MOUs signed by the two governments, namely;

  1. The Agreement on Technical, Economic and Cultural Co-operations between the Government of Kenya and Government of Southern Sudan Which was signed on 7th July, 2006.
  1. The Agreement on Technical Assistance/Co-operation in Training and Capacity Building between the Government of Kenya and Government of Southern Sudan which was signed on 9th March, 2007.

Rationale For Kenya’s Contribution To Post-Conflict Reconstruction In South Sudan

Kenya’s Foreign Policy is informed by a long-term vision that envisages her being an important player in a harmonised and fully integrated African Continent – a continent that is influential and has a strong voice in world affairs.

Kenya’s continued engagement in the South Sudan’s peace processes, post-conflict reconstruction and development is part of that long-range rationale.

Consolidation, stability and economic prosperity in South Sudan and the Sub-region as a priority national interest.

Having invested heavily and consistently in education, training and manpower development since independence, Kenya has excess skilled manpower capacity in many fields.  This pool of skilled manpower has been made available for the training, technical assistance, mentoring and coaching and consultancy services in various fields for GOSS Ministries and Institutions.  Kenya’s training institutions, covering a wide variety of skills have also been availed to fast track the capacity building for South Sudan.



Management, Coordination and Facilitation of the Training and Capacity Building Programme to the Government of South Sudan.


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KESSULO office is located Cooperative House 21st Floor. Units within the Department and contacts of KESSULO staff are as follows:

The physical locations of the departments and their contacts are as follows:

Secretary, Human Resource          21st Floor Cooperative House

Development and International     0202249093

Relations Sector

Director/Advisor                      21st Floor Cooperative House

Tel: 241221, 246536, 241248,          Fax 341359

AD/Information                        Cooperative House, Nairobi, 21st    Floor,

Tel. 210818

Programme Coordinator: Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource    Development.


The Departments in KESSULO Office provide services during the official working days (Monday – Friday, excluding official Public Holidays) as from 8.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m., 2.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.