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Kenya International Boundaries Office (Kibo)


Kenya International Boundaries Office (KIBO) was created by Cabinet Decision Ref: OP/CAB.58/4A dated 11th September, 2014. The Office was tasked; to establish status of each international boundary, identify contentious and non-contentious section(s) of each boundary, prepare strategies for affirming, negotiating and/or defending the boundaries, lead bilateral discussions with neighbouring countries and facilitate compliance with and alignment to international obligations relating to boundaries and territorial integrity.

Objectives Of The Charter

The purpose of this service charter is to provide information on the services we provide. This will enable the citizenry and other stakeholders to have information on the roles, duties, obligations and responsibilities of this office, on matters pertaining to Kenya’s international boundaries.

Vision and Mission

  • To have clearly demarcated and reaffirmed boundaries with Kenya’s neighbouring countries, to ensure effective and efficient border management.
  • To establish, conserve and preserve the international boundary infrastructure, hence promoting harmonious co-existence of Kenya’s border communities for the prosperity of the country and to observe and abide by international obligations pertaining to our international boundaries.


KIBO’s obligations are to:

  • Ensure prompt and quality services are provided with outmost professionalism
  • Diplomatic/mutual engagements with neighbouring countries when undertaking Joint meetings and activities.
  • Coordinate and consult with MDAs on matters regarding international boundaries and related issues.
  • Ensure all boundary matters are guided by MoUs, treaties and other legal documents.
  • Treat boundary information and documents provided by MDAs with confidentiality as required.


KIBO’s mandate is derived from the Executive Order No. 1 of June 2018 that require the office to provide advisory and oversight on the management of Kenya’s International boundaries. The specific mandate of the office includes:

  • Define and manage territorial integrity of the Republic of Kenya;
  • Establish the status of each international boundary;
  • Identify contentious and non-contentious sections of the boundaries;
  • Map and consolidate all the activities that are being undertaken by different Ministries regarding international boundaries;
  • Prepare strategies for affirming, negotiating and/or defending the country’s international boundaries;
  • Lead bilateral discussions with other neighbouring countries on international boundaries;
  • Facilitate compliance with and alignment to international obligations relating to boundaries and territorial integrity;
  • Develop a draft framework for each respective boundary to address utilization and management of shared and straddling resource bases (e.g. Lakes and their drainage basins, pastures, National Parks, Range Lands etc.); and
  • Draft legislation to define the extent of the territory of Kenya in accordance with Article 5 of the constitution.

Service Standards

KIBO is committed to providing quality and efficient services in line with set international standards in the delimitation, demarcation and reaffirmation of Kenya’s international boundaries. In undertaking these activities, KIBO will ensure the public and other stakeholders are fully involved, where necessary. We are also committed to ensuring good neighbourliness in handling of boundary matters with neighbouring States.


The services provided by KIBO include:

  • Coordination of all activities pertaining to international boundaries.
  • Providing advisory services to MDAS’ on matters which directly impact on Kenya’s international boundaries
  • Provision of sensitization materials and information to State Department for Interior to facilitate the dissemination of information related to conservation and perseveration of Kenya’s boundary infrastructure
  • To Provide information and documents in support of Kenya’s international boundary dispute resolution.
  • To coordinate international boundary dispute resolutions where necessary.

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Respect for human rights and gender sensitivity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Patriotism
  • Inclusivity
  • Consultative
  • Integrity
  • Team spirit
  • Discipline

Core Functions

  • Boundary inspection and maintenance.
  • Coordinate drafting of MoUs for the reaffirmation and demarcation of the international boundaries and boundary treaties with the neighbouring States where applicable.
  • Boundary delimitation, demarcation and reaffirmation.
  • Preparation of defence documents, information and related materials for delineation of Kenya’s Extended Continental Shelf.
  • Defence of the submitted Outer Continental Shelf claim at the UN.
  • Preparation, sourcing and documentation for materials to be used in international boundary dispute resolution.
  • Development of our boundary information resource centre.
  • Development of geographical information system data base for our international boundaries.

Stake Holders

  • MDAs
  • Neighbouring States
  • Border communities
  • International bodies including AU, UN and ICJ


This service charter will be reviewed periodically to address both local and international emerging issues pertaining to Kenya’s international boundaries.


Physical Address: K.I.C.C., 8th Floor

Mobile Phone:    020, 2216741 or 020, 2216742